Welcome to my blog

Hbwa logoello there! Good to see you here.

An international ministry of the kind with which the women of the Baptist World Alliance have entrusted me, has many challenges and staying in touch is one of the biggest! It is vital that I hear from you and that you know about what I will be up to. I appreciate comments, prayers and everything else you want to share. Sharing with me on this blog will, I hope, get the word around and soon we will be communicating globally about the many great things but also the struggles you all experience.

I hope to involve other women and their projects and thoughts here. Please feel free to send me items you think should be known widely. I reckon that we know how to speak the truth in love and do not need to state that unhelpful and hateful comments will be deleted.

Let’s use this to help us Arise and Shine! (Is 60:1)

Welcome to my blog

One thought on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Dear Ksenija,
    It would be wonderfull if you send me your email adress. I want to ask you, to write a foreworde for the Prayerday this Year for Germany.
    We want to be in contact with you.
    Greetings Cora


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